The Surest Way To Uplift Your Life

There comes a time in everyone’s life when the days get painfully predictable and the everyday routine becomes simply boring. Social media does a great job in portraying what a picture-perfect life looks like, which for many is filled with frequent social gatherings, pub outings, parties and holidays with friends and family.

People tend to show off whenever they have something worthy of showcasing, which is arguably what social media is for. The bad news is that the audience takes it in as the whole truth, despite it being a mere caricature of what reality is.

There is no denying that following the pandemic, people have become somewhat more reserved and detached from others on a permanent basis. The only way we could keep in touch with others was through social media, leaving many addicted to looking at their screen and absorbing everything they see as the reality.

How can you tackle being affected by unrealistic media posts?


If your life is filled with moments pocketful of joy, laughter and meaning, your life will transform in no time. Adding excitement and meaning to life takes some time, but there are steps that can be taken to make it as smooth and as impactful as possible.

Open yourself up for new experiences

The key to an exciting life is variety. Changing your mindset when it comes to trying new things is the first and probably the hardest step, but it symbolises great personal growth.

When in a state of stagnation, change may seem terrifying and quite intimidating, but as soon as you start making positive changes, your viewpoint will transform swiftly. What’s really worth remembering is that while trying new things is a terrific way to increase your enjoyment of life, there are many deeper advantages to doing so as well. It takes a lot of courage to venture into an uncharted area, and developing this courage will make you more self-assured in your life.

Schedule, schedule, schedule…

Once your mind is set, you may feel a little overwhelmed by the endless choices you will have to introduce novelty into your life. To prevent choice paralysis, we recommend you start slow by scheduling to do a couple of activities per week that you’re curious about. If you like it, then great! And if not, you wouldn’t have committed too much time and you’ll have taken a really big step on your journey of self-discovery.

Let new connections bloom

As part of your period of discovery (of yourself but also of new experiences) you will likely meet new people. Establishing long-lasting companionship is a difficult task in adulthood, but it isn’t impossible. Delving into an unfamiliar territory for all parties involved is a fantastic catalyst for a connection.

After all, it is much easier overcoming obstacles with someone at your side, whether that’s to support you or to listen to your complaints!

Do what feels right

The last and probably most important thing is to simply do what feels right FOR YOU. You begin to think differently when you have a different and new experience of things, but people sometimes tend to stick around too long just to ‘make sure it isn’t right’.

Life is short and it is such a waste to spend it being unhappy or uncomfortable, which is why we always preach about giving things a go, and then doing what feels right- there is no point forcing something that is not bringing you joy. Time is the most precious currency we have, so it’s necessary that we use it wisely.

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