Can your social life thrive without alcohol?

Drinking alcohol, going to bars, clubs, and pubs seem to be the focal points of many of our social activities. The British drinking culture can make it challenging for those who choose to abstain from alcohol to be socially active without feeling excluded or even under pressure to drink. Given how crucial social interaction is to establishing and preserving good mental health, fully removing yourself from social situations might have an adverse effect on your wellbeing.

The question arises… Can your social life thrive without alcohol?

The short answer is yes… but the truthful answer is that, depending on your circumstances, maintaining or restarting your social life can be difficult, but not impossible.

Some people abstain from alcohol for personal or religious reasons, while others can be struggling with alcoholism or other alcohol-related issues. Many individuals overlook the fact that alcoholism and other addictions are severe and difficult mental health illnesses that require the necessary assistance from those around them (even those who do not battle with alcohol). However, a lot of individuals don’t want to give up their social routines, which causes sober people to frequently feel alienated.

Depending on where you are in your alcohol-free journey, some social environments may be easier to navigate. Those abstaining from drinking will find nights out more difficult than group walks or cinema visits. It’s important to find activities that you feel comfortable partaking in without leaning into the temptation to drink.

So, how can you overcome this?

If you’re not a fan of drinking or you don’t want your social life to revolve around it, you’re not alone. Whatever your reasons may be for giving alcohol a miss, there will be others in the exact same boat. The key is finding a community supportive of your approach where alcohol isn’t the only thing that unifies you.

Over time, you might realise that the friendships of the highest quality are the ones fuelled by shared experiences and not booze. Creating new memories, whether it’s having a laugh over a dinner or spotting the deer at Dunham Massey, the possibilities are endless. You are the creator of your life, it’s your choice where you invest your time and energy and to get the best outcome possible.

Life is full of adventure waiting to be discovered… it is one of Social Circle’s missions to help you find them ♥️

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