Whatever Happened to Work-Lfe Balance?

Judging by recent statistics, professionals in the UK seem to be neglecting more and more, the work-life balance. But why is this so? And what does this mean?

The fact is that working is becoming even more necessary due to the economy. There has been added pressure on workers to put in more hours behind the desk. There is also an expectancy on employees to never be too far away from a smartphone. This is seen as a symptom, or a cross to bear, for the new lifestyle which, on the surface, promotes autonomy but in reality, at least in part, has the opposite effect.

Work, of course, has always had money as a huge objective and the only objective for many. But even those who previously saw the purpose of their job as a prime motivation have now been forced to see income survival as a bigger aim. Professional and personal lives have begun to merge and it is harder to balance the two when they are one and the same.

But does working extra hours guarantee production? Does that really keep you motivated? Certainly you will get more done if you motivated by high energy and have something to look forward to every now and then. And I don’t mean retirement or a pension but something a little bit more short-term.

Social Circle provides the perfect remedy as it is an opportunity to keep your life as flexible as possible. You don’t need to fit in the social dates your friends have set with your busy and hectic lifestyle. You can pop in and out of our social calendar as often as you would like. And you have the added benefit of having a diverse range of events to choose from rather than being limited to the activities your friends choose. Further, if you feel like engaging something more active and challenging, there are plenty of events to suit.