Reliving the magic

We simply had to include a trip to Blackpool on the calendar with the illuminations setting alight this famous resort. More than 3,000,000 visitors make their way here each year to witness the impressive array of lights. This is not strictly a Manchester event but I bet it wouldn’t be your first visit.

The illuminations continue for 66 nights between the end of August and early November so we’ll be visiting right in the middle of its duration.

Whatever weather descends upon Blackpool, we’re simply guaranteed to have a fantastic time!

The illuminations have been playing a pivotal role here ever since 1879, a time when they were called ‘Artificial Sunshine; and ever since have been acting as a guiding light for its hordes of visitors.

The illuminations never fail to capture the excitement and magic which anyone experiences for themselves the first time they visit here as a child. However, there are constant changes being made with different technology ad styles as they are having to constantly adapt to respond to environmental issues regarding energy efficiency and conservation.

Since 2002, there have been more fixtures and LEDs acting as the standard for all upgraded and new features. They are the number one when it comes to efficiency of light being generated and are utilised in around a third of the show.

The illuminations use only green electricity from resources that are renewable i.e. Bio-Gas, landfill, small-scale hydro and wind. Green electricity procurement has managed to reduce the carbon dioxide of the illuminations to zero which saves 420 tonnes per annum in the earth’s atmosphere.