Travel Stories and Wine

Do you have personal stories you would like to share from your travelling days? Do you enjoy listening to others share their own experiences, whetting your appetite for further travel. Well, here is your chance to do so over wine at The Slug and Lettuce on Wine Wednesdays where they have a bottle of their house wine for just £10.95.

You have undoubtedly had experiences out of the norm or seen something which you love telling people about. It may be simply somewhere that sticks out or that caught your heart, even years after your visit. Well, this si where you can share those memories. This is your platform. You can tell your funniest, most heart-warming or just plain strange experiences. The ones you love to tell around the dinner table.

It has become a trend for travellers to keep travel blogs and update tehir friends and even those who don’t know them on the their travel experiences. It is more informative than a postcard and more convenient than making a telephone call. Travellers like to keep a journal of their experiences not only for their friends but as a way for them to look back on the time that they spent.

Well, here you can tell your story in person which is not only convenient but social. Noone will understand your stories who haven’t themselves travelled so don’t waste your precious stories on your friends and family. You can tell it, debate it as long as you are willing to listen to other fun stories.

So come along and enjoy some serious travel talk over a bottle of wine. We pride ourselves on introducing like-minded individuals to one another and this event will surely achieve that aim. Who knows? You may even find a potential future travel partner or two.