Live Music @ Matt and Phreds

Matt and Phreds offers a relief to the typical bar, club and restaurant scene in Manchester city centre. It is a jazz club which attracts a loyal following of jazz and blues enthusiasts. It features live music from both local and national talent.

In fact, live music plays from every Monday to Saturday and you don’t have to enjoy the music without something nto nibble on as it is also famous for its fine pizza. It is best if you reserve a table and enjoy the pizza with some cocktails. All in all, a great night out!

You are sure to leave Matt and Phreds, having enjoyed a great night out and one that you will want to tell your friends to. The small size of the venue make for a peronal gig which is why many of the acts are local. The prices are frinedly too for a club and overall, there is nothing bad to say about this venue.

The building is large which means those that wish to have a natter can do so by the door without annoying those who wish to purely listen to the music. If you really wish to be at one with the music, you can head towards the stage and revel in the fine acoustics that complement some of the fine acts upon the stage. It creates a great mood and atmosphere. You’ll feel right at home in your threads as you do in your loose jumper and jeans.

Come along and enjoy some live jazz with Social Circle. Jazz is a genre of music you can enjoy on your own but it is a more enjoyable experience when with others who also appreciate the genre. So do so in some like-minded company with quality pizza and one or two from a selection of cocktails.