Quizimido @ Oddest

Showing off your general knowledge and having fun at the same time is always a great way to spend time. Quizimido is even Odder than most other pub quizzes so fun is guaranteed! Feel free to come along every Wednesday to have fun galore and pit your wits, along with the wits of your fellow contestants among the other teams in the room.

Oddest is just as it sounds, exceptionally strange. There are cassettes all over the wall, a woman that flies, art from both local and international artists on display, a huge birdcage, Turkish lights and a totally cool jukebox. Yes, this is not just a place that popped up in your craziest of dreams, it actually exists.

The venue continues the tradition of its equally strange elder brothers, Odd and Odder. It sees all sorts of people walk through its doors. There is some great space to do a little work or study with fee WIFI and the food is vegetarian/vegan friendly for the socially conscious. There is also a great childrens menu were the kids can sit and draw on the napkin whilst they wait for their food.

At night, it is a super cool place to chill out and relax with your friends or dance the night away. Weekends are popular too with Over The Hill on Fridays as John Stammers send both your brain and feet a little crazy. You can expect to hear anything from wild exotic country cussers to Beatles-style experimentation. Saturday sees some fine entertainment from some of the very best DJs around so be prepared to look your funkiest.

So come along and join in the fun with a social, and hopefully knowledgeable, team. Enjoy a fun quiz in an exceptionally strange environment and feast on the surroundings that just may leave your head spinning.