The Morrissey Smiths Disco @ The Star and Garter

The Star and Garter is a great venue without a single frill in sight. It is actually a converted house and plays some fine music with an inexpensive drinks menu and a great atmosphere. You can be pretty much guaranteed that you’ll be dancing the night away and having a great time. There are two floors with the downstairs floor being more of a chilled out area, housing a pool table and circular bar. In the larger room upstairs, the DJs crank out the tunes and there is another bar albeit a smaller one.

Of course, older Morrissey fans bidding to recapture their youth. There are other kinds of people too and all can be found dancing away until the early hours. The venue is actually something of an institution in Manchester and the low prices of the spirits just may contribute to that.

The Morrissey Smiths Disco continues to draw in crowds and, in fact, y9oumay find yourself queuing up to an hour to attend this lovefest of the Manchester icon. The conditions in Manchester are not always geared towards long queuing either. However, you won’t be disappointed once you’re in there and you will forget all about freezing outside.

So if you live in Manchester or visit here regularly for the nightlife or any other reason and are a true Morrisey and Smiths fan then ensure to pay a visit on the first Friday of every month. When the venue is full, however, it is a case of one in and one out so you would be better queuing up early. Once you are in there, you will soon find yourself soaked up by the atmosphere with tracks that span the career of both The Smiths and Morrissey as a solo act.

So tag along with other Morrissey and Smiths fans and book your place now for one of the most fun and passionate nights in Manchester.