Beginners Rock Climbing Lessons @ Manchester Climbing Centre

For those of you who have never tried rock climbing at all before, there are a few basics that would help you if you know. For starters, you should be aware that, in spite of common misconception, rock climbing is not all about upper body strength. You will need to use your legs and as they are actually far stronger than your arms, you will need to apply them correctly. You, in fact, should be applying twice as much energy with your legs and your feet than you do with your arms and your hands. Whilst your hands will be keeping you close to the rock, your legs will be pushing you upwards. You don’t need to be freakishly strong but you will need to be versed in the required technique.

You need not only to practice good technique but safe technique. This reduces any chance of injury. It, in fact, not only improves the safety of yourself but also the safety of those around you. There is no getting around the fact that there are risks but there are also measures you can take to reduce these greatly.

You will also need the appropriate equipment. This will help to improve your ability to climb with strength and also improve the safety aspect. Rock climbing shoes are one of the more basic items you will need and also a chalk bag and chalk which will help to keep your hands dry and increase friction between your skin and the rock and holds.

Manchester climbing centre are an experienced centre used to dealing with beginners and as part of a group, you will have fun, meet new people and receive professional instruction in a safe environment so book your place today to begin taking part in this fun yet challenging activity.