Classy Cocktails @ The Alchemist

The Alchemist serves up some wonderful food and drink and offers excellent service to match, all in a wonderful environment. The cocktail menu, by the way, is out of this world. They aren’t mass-produced but are hand-crafted and refined to suit and amaze your taste buds. The flavours are simplistic and the alchemists take care in mixing the carefully sourced ingredients to offer you the most wonderful of cocktails.

The Alchemist concept us a unique one and maybe the finest example of this is their signature cocktail, The Smokey Old Fashioned. It comes served in a chemical flask and still smoking with a tumbler and a huge block of ice. In fact, every cocktail on their menu will leave you with a taste for more. You will want to return to both the bar and venue time after time so be warned before you taste your first sip.

The Alchemist has quickly become one of the most popular bars in town. It’s perhaps surprising location in the more corporate and low-key area of Manchester city centre was less surprising when Australasia opened up not so long afterwards just around the corner. Just around the corner from The Opera House, it is a perfect setting for a pre-show drink and theatre goers along with the after-work crowd are just two of the niches it caters to. So expect one of the busier bars on the area to continue to become even busier. Although the fact that it is beneath a bank drew the inspiration for its name, it may yet transform the area into gold.

We all love to sip a classy cocktail and feel like a VIP for the evening with first-class serving in an formal yet relaxed environment. So come along and meet some fellow socialisers with an excuse for a few Friday night cocktails at one of the classiest venues in town.