Soak Up The Sun And A Bottle Of Pimms At This Year’s Social Circle Barbeque

The chance to hold or attend a barbecue are far and few between in the UK. And let’s face it,  Australia is a long way to go for a hot dog. Now we all love summer and undoubtedly, one of the things we look forward to the most at this time of the year is attending a barbecue.

When the sun has its hat on it sparks strange seasonal desires such as burning to dust the skin of undercooked meat. And its even better when it’s a social event and you’re drinking your favourite sunshine tipple making small-talk with some new Manchester friends.

It’s a chance to don your shorts and shades, walk around to some summer tunes and queue impatiently for your next chicken drumstick.

So what makes a great barbecue? Mouth-watering treats, great music, social people and a bottle of Pimms to wash down that ‘just one more’ burger. How about games to really get you soaking up the party atmosphere.

Social events such as this need someone to get off their ass and make a few phone calls and let’s be honest, not everyone can be bothered to do that and if you’re left twiddling your thumbs on well, a Sunday afternoon, then maybe the Social Circle Barbeque is the perfect solution. With the sun shining and the smell of the burgers being cremated, mingle with the other guests and as the night progresses, show off some moves and enjoy the music.