No End In Sight For The 80s Big Screen Revival

This week has seen the release of two movies from two equally huge 80s franchises; The A-Team and The Karate Kid.

It seems odd seeing the four war veterans on the run for a crime they didn’t commit without the iconic Mr.T and takes some getting used to seeing his intruder of a replacement shouting those immortal words “I pity the fool”. But times change and people age. What hasn’t changed is the love for this TV classic, probably the most beloved of teenage boys who grew up on the series. The movies tells the story that the TV show failed to reveal and that’s just how they were on the run in the first place. Whether you love or loathe it, the movie had to come. The 80s fan base just wanted it too much.

Watching The Karate Kid is a perhaps an even stranger experience with the familiar sighto f Jackie Chan kicking ass playing the part of the equally familiar Mr. Myiagi. There are some obvious differences in that for a start the movie is not based around Karate but Kung Fu and that the Kid is perhaps too young to make this interesting to anyone older than 12; except maybe for the nostalgics who can’t resist a viewing it just to make comparisons such as this. Jaden Smith is impressive in the title role and yet may be one day a contender for his dad’s throne.

It’s always more fun engaging in nostalgia with those who were there to experience movies such as this the first time around. There are plenty of people around who remember the 80s and that’s just one of the reasons to spend a Sunday afternoon munching on popcorn and enjoying some big-screen action with some new Manchester friends. Cinema days are a mainstay in our events schedule so be sure to include it in yours.