Manchester Ghost Walk

Manchester has various walks such as Discover Manchester, Manchester Music Walk and the new Media Cities walk. You could walk until the end of eternity exploring the history and culture of Manchester. But one walk which really stands out is Manchester Ghost Walk. Here is your chance ti discover the sinister secrets hiding behind Manchester’s spooky city centre.

You will be guided by Flecky Bennett, who will take you around the back streets into the passageways of the city where ghosts are all around you. Be prepared to experience something very different. And as the nights are getting darker, this is the perfect time of year to see the ghouls, ghosts and goblins which will haunt you for the rest of your lives.

In reality, Flecky Bennett isn’t a tour guide at all. He is an actor providing some first-class entertainment using the backgrounds of the tour as his stage. This makes it more of an attraction or experience than your typical walking tour. He is a member of Equity and he proves it with a magnificent performance. The dialogue with the attendees of the tour and some being used as assistants show the resourceful used. His appearance, which is far from pristine, adds to the performance and the fun but mostly, it is his strong, sounding voice which keeps you alert to any ghostly dangers. Props such as an umbrella and sword all add to the dramatic effects.

The alleys and back lanes walked through on this tour further add to the effect and give the impression that anything could be about to happen. This is especially true of the courtyard of the Town Hall.

So book your place with Social Circle and make some new friends along the way…you will need to! If you live to tell the tale, you could always tell it with a drink in your hand at one of the many Manchester bars in the city centre.