One Disgusting Teddy Bear

It’s always extremely refreshing when a movie knows exactly what it is. The marketing doesn’t lie, the star is on the same page as the director and generally speaking, the film ticks over, regardless of genre. Ted is a crude, foulmouthed comedy from the creator of a crude, foulmouthed series, that stars Mark Wahlberg and a teddy bear. It also happens to be frequently hilarious, and at times borderline sweet. This is currently doing Hangover-style business at the North American box-office and it’s very easy to see why.

Well, Social Circle likes to go to the movies as you may well have noticed. And this time we are heading to Cineworld to see a movie with a difference. So be prepared to meet some new Manchester friends whilst laughing yourself silly whilst dispensing with any notion of belief.

Every now and then, we see a movie that looks like it will turn out to be like countless others we have seen before it but then decides to go in a different direction and turn us on our head. Ted succeeds in being such a movie. Beginning with how a small boy makes a wish for his teddy bear to be able to talk and be his best friend ever and the predictable manifestation of that wish, it doesn’t take too long before we see how this relationship turns out in adulthood and it quickly targets a completely different audience. Disney it ain’t!

The movies has attracted cinema-goers in their drives thanks to the premise of a pot-smoking, womanising, cursing teddy bear. And it truly delivers!

If you’re a fan of American Dad or Family Guy, you won’t be disappointed as it offers the same humour as both shows, on a far larger and expletive scale. This is Seth McFarlane’s first directing effort and the and the boy does well concentrating on the thing that he does the best, make people laugh.

So come along for some laughs, socialising and popcorn for a welcome midpoint relief to the working week.