Manchester Loves Football

The National Football Museum is among the city’s latest attractions and there is plenty to attract those who live in this football-mad city as well as the numerous visitors that make their way here, partly to see their heroes perform i.e. Manchester United and Manchester City. You’re bound to have something in common with the rest of the guys on our visit to the museum so come along and experience some Manchester socialising whilst admiring Mancunian heroes, old and new, whether you’re red, blue or indifferent.

Entering the National Football Museum is not unlike paying a Saturday or Sunday afternoon visit to the ground of your favourite football team, although there won’t be puddles or the smell of horse manure to contend with.

You will walk into the atrium and pass through a metal turnstile where you will be greeted with an appearance of a towering stadium with four tiers, each one hosting its very own glittering array of football treasures.

The atrium houses the Hall of Game which includes an LED curtain that projects images of footballing greats who have made their name on the English game at some point during the last century.

You will sense that Mancunian feel right away when you are greeted with quotes from Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson talking about how hard work being as important as God-given talent, and City hero Joe Mercer commenting on playing with a pig’s bladder, on a while positioned next to a scroll of those inducted into the hall.