A Meal Fit For A King

Whether you have been working hard all day, you’ve just left the gym after a strenuous work-out, you’re up for a good Friday night or you just have a hell of an appetite, there are a few gems in Manchester that are more than primed to quench those hunger pangs.

Of course, it depends on just where in Manchester you are as to which Elvis-like meal you could find in front of you. If you happen to be in Withington, Solomon Grundy’s serve up huge fry-ups with all the usual breakfast treats you could expect to find, bacon and sausage to name but few.

What if you’re in Rusholme right about the time you’re just aching to give some burning love to your growing appetite? If you’re in the mood for a mid-morning bite, then Falafel should serve your needs. We’re not talking about the miniature ones you can find at Sainsbury’s but the big, greasy ones stuffed with hummus. Delicious!

Of course, you can only really feel like you’ve eaten like the King if you’ve eaten a full fat burger. Hard Rock café can serve up a treat where burgers are concerned but GBK is the real daddy of this not so cultured genre of food. There are toppings galore from bacon, avocado, fried egg, sour cream and beetroot mozzarella so whatever you feel like to go with your full-fat meal, the menu is truly your oyster. Just don’t go telling your cholesterol!

Now Elvis may have eaten for an entire family but hey, the guy also had class. The Grill on the Alley can provide that class with a bottle of red and a delicious steak. In true Elvis style!

Social Circle features many nights out to a whole host of restaurants across Manchester so treat yourself to a meal fit for a king and make some brand new friends in the process.