Manchester Salsa Classes Providing Fun and Fitness

The lights are dim, the music is pulsing and couples are circling the dance floor in elaborate, revealing costumes.

Salsa dancing has taken the UK by storm in the past few years and is a sociable way to get fit.

The steps are sexy and elegant and the music is really energetic and just makes you want to dance.

Bands like Santana and Jenifer Lopez and many more have raised the profile of Latin music, and the music and the social aspect of dancing adds to its big attraction.

Dancing is also a really good way to lose weight, Because it’s such fun and you’re concentrating on learning something new, you don’t realise until the end of the class how much exersise you’re doing!”

These enjoyable dance steps will help you work on your posture, increase fitness, tighten tummy, thighs, calves & buttocks, and give you a great workout. It’s safe on your joints and great for the body as there is no harsh jumping. It is also highly beneficial for those who would like to take up dancing, as you learn the basic steps and listen to the actual Latin tunes.

It also offers a great chance to make some new friends.

Attend a salsa class every Monday night with Social Circle.