Manchester Running Club Provides Health Benefits Along With Social Fun

Running is no different than any other form of exercise in that it can effectively combat stress as well as help to relieve depression. It gives you that euphoric high and clear, calm state of both mind and body. Adults who exercise on a regular basis get along in life better than those who don’t. They generally feel more energetic and creative as well as finding that both their stamina and fitness improve.

When running with a group, your get your own motivational force. The members of the group tend to spur each other on and can keep you going through times when, if on your own, you would tend to give up.

Another motivating factor is competition. Although many prefer not to engage in a battle with their co-runners, it can keep going those who thrive on a little healthy competition.

Another reason people like to run is to meet new people and be a part of a group. Running clubs allow individuals to take part in an activity they enjoy with others. They tend to attract some of the same people week after week as well as op,me new faces. Friendships begin to develop and they engage in activities outside of the group.

Didsbury’s Tuesday Running Club at Social Circle in conjunction with Virgin Active offers the perfect opportunity to reward yourself with all of the above benefits and certainly with the social aspect. Some come along and give us a try. If it’s your first time, we promise we’ll go easy on you :)