Manchester Events Heading Indoors

Well, I don’t know about you but it appears as though much of outdoor socialising for this year is well and truly over. Social events will be heading indoors as barbecsues and fun in the sun will be restricted only to those who travel abroad.

That doesn’t mean that has to be a lack of social events on your calendar and , of course, thatn is ever the case with Social Circle making that so much easier for you. There’s plenty to do from meeting some new Manchester friends for Cocktails at Cloud 23 or heading for a Mongolian Meal. It just may mean a little more conversation and a lot less running around.

For those of you who will be suffering from withdrawal symptoms from some activities you may have enjoyed in the Summer, then maybe Indoor Rock Climbing is more your bag. And something along more unusual lines is perhaps, Llama Trekking which will take place in Cumbria with refreshments and wine to add to the experience.

We also have regular walks on the calendar and this month we have the  Edale Skyline Challenge.  A sizable walk at 21 miles and 7-10 hours in duration, the route accommodates one of the greatest fell races in the UK. Needless to say not for those lacking in fitness but certainly for those seeking a challenge.