Manchester Rock Climbing Classes Continue To Prove Popular

Indoor rock climbing is a sport which attracts participants from all ages. The environment is supervised where both novice and experienced climbers can exercise without concern. Climbers are taught safety techniques and the gear is at hand.

The most important aspect of the climbing set-up is the climbing wall. Before beginning the climb, you need to be secured with a safety harness which is attached to the climbing rope. Thus travels down to another person below known as a belayer. The belayer keeps the climber safe by controlling the tension, whether giving or taking as the climber makes his way up the climbing wall.

There are many benefits to indoor climbing. Firstly, and perhaps the most obvious, are its health benefits. All muscle groups are given an intense and thorough work-out. The challenge is not purely physical, however. There is a set sequence of moves that must be figured out and mental control is another important aspect. In order to enhance balance and endurance required for this sport, climbers often cross-train. It needs to incorporate high aerobic, cardio and balance training.

Social Circle incorporates regular Indoor Rock Climbing events and is a great way to get started. The classes are held at Manchester Climbing Centre. The venue is one of the largest climbing walls in Europe . Set in the unique surroundings of St Benedict’s Church, the 75+ lines are tailored for you. Whether complete beginner or experienced rock legend we run sessions that should enable you to climb in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere.