That Boy Morrissey

Being in a city such as Manchester, it isn’t uncommon for a huge name performer or band to grace the stage of one of the numerous concert venues in the city. But some names are bigger than others in a city like ours that is so passionate about music. Perhaps, even among the musical giants that have originated from here such as Oasis and the Stone Roses, none has captured the hearts of Mancunians for so long, as Morrissey. So come and meet some fellow Morissey friends in Manchester who you’re sure to have something in common with.

Morrissey is one of the most popular and significant singer/songwriters of his generation. He shot to fame in the 80s as the vocalist and lyricist of iconic band, The Smiths. The Manchester band became super successful in the UK before they split up in 1987. Morrissey began his solo career which saw him reach the top 10 on ten different occasions. He is seen as an innovator in the indie genre with NME describing him as “one of the most influential artists ever”, just one of many such accolades he has received.

Morrisey’s lyrics explored a number of topics such as home as prison, past burdens, lonely nightclubs and relationships doomed to failure. He is also distinguished for his unique baritone voice although he also sings in falsetto, his dynamic stage performances and his hairstyle. His often contrarian and forthright opinions have resulted in a number of controversies in the media. He has also received attention in the media for advocating animal rights and vegetarianism.