Beat the Frog @ The Frog and Bucket

Beat the Frog presents some of the best new talent from the Manchester comedy circuit and the competition allows you to have a hand, literally, in either making their dreams come true or crushing them in one foul swoop. Three guests from the audience are given one very large frog (not a real one, folks) and if they want to get rid of the comedian before the five minutes is up, they show them the frog. If they last the full five minutes without this taking place, you hear the sound of a frog and the comedian has won.

The Frog and Bucket is very proud, and rightfully so, of helping to develop the careers of some of the finest acts in the business today. The regular amateur night is regarded as being the pivotal night on the calendar for the venue. Comedians who have plied their trade here include Peter Kay, Johnny Vegas, Caroline Aherne. Alan Carr and Dave Gorman.

Beat the Frog offers free entry on its Monday night calendar slot but the venue also sees some other great nights. Thursday to Sundays sees plenty of comedy talent come through its doors including Big Value Thursdays which features four acts and a DJ until 1 in the morning. There are three acts with a disco on Saturday and Sunday and Sunday is more of as miscellaneous night with touring shows and other events.

It’s difficult to go out and have a laugh on your own, of course, so come along with some fellow comedy fans from Social Circle and get to know some new people at the same time. This si a regular feature on our calendar for a reason. It’s popular and hugely entertaining. Book your place now and let’s go and watch some comedians beat…or fail to beat…the comedy Frog.