Great New Manchester Business Staff Benefit

Social Circle has enjoyed great success when it comes to providing staff benefits. CIS, for example, have benefited greatly from the programme. Many employees of the largest company in Manchester have come on board and have found that the events we offer have given them a fantastic chance to unwind from the stresses and strains of the office. Our events are all during non-working hours as we want to benefit businesses as well as the employees. We find that after a weekend away with Social Circle, they return to work refreshed, rejuvenated and are ready to start the week afresh.

Our calendar sees up to one hundred events per month and our members can come and choose as they wish. It is essentially a ready-made social calendar with events ranging from ‘Coffee and Conversation’ on a Sunday afternoon to walking and adventure weekends which really recharge the battery.

It enables you to distinguish yourself from other staff benefits as it separates the employee package from those which offer 10% off your gas bill. In other words, tried, tested but boring. And it takes away work in other areas such as social events organising. They simply need to remind your staff what wonderful events are coming up without any extra work on your part.

Many of our events are geared towards promoting a healthy lifestyle whilst having fun such as salsa and belly dancing. We also team, up with Virgin Didsbury to offer aerobics classes. All of these classes are included with your membership which will appeal to many of your staff who pay monthly fees for health clubs which they may or may not have the time to attend regularly.

So give your employees the benefit of Social Circle by initially contacting me here or call me on (t) 0161 4340098 (m) 07767 686177 and we sill discuss you, your company and how Social Circle can help.