Da Vinci – ‘The Genius’ Exhibition at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry

We all love a bit of culture now and then. Any excuse to to expand the mind and impress ourselves with our often hidden ability to pose questions and form conclusions about the we see around us.  What really gives that piece of culture the edge is when combined with a work immersed in contemporary culture. And nothing embraces that combination with more spirit than that of Da Vinci. And so the Da Vinci – ‘The Genius’ Exhibition at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry offers the perfect opportunity to feed that hidden thirst for culture. There are over 200 items to gaze at at this exhibition including 3D animations of the man’s most famed works.

As well as the 3D animations, also on display are large-scale interactive machines, hand-crafted by modern-day Italian Artisans. This is the most comprehensive, diverse and engaging exhibition about Da Vinci, one of the most gifted geniuses of all time.

Also on display is the UK’s premier of the Secrets of Mona Lisa together with 25 secret revealed about this legendary painting. Pascal Cotte, a French scientific engineer and expert in the field of Fine art, created a 240-million pixel, multi-spectral camera just to take a shot of the Da Vinci masterpiece in the Louvre. If you are curious as to how she would have appeared in her original 1506 colour and take a walk around the 360 replica, then here bodes the perfect opportunity. Just as Da Vinci himself did all of those years ago, revolutionary technology has embraced the marriage between art and science to bring you this scintillating display.

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