Wonderful Food and Great Service

If you are in the mood for some Manchester socialising, a midweek meal manchester socialising the lime treealways offer a great opportunity to meet new people in Manchester. There are plenty of quality restaurants in the city centre but Didsbury also offers a selection of some of the city’s finer venues. The Lime Tree is one of the better restaurants in West Didsbury and you will see their wall of accolades as you make your way to the gents, or ladies. Most of these accolades were presented by The Good Food Guide. And it is of little surprise once you have taste the food, the quality of which is excellent. It is also locally sourced, they own their very own smallholding, in fact.

The menu is similar in both variety and price to other Didsbury restaurants. You can feast on three excellent courses for £15.95. There is also a fairly extensive wine list with a number of vintage options. Further, there is a wine list which is updated on a weekly basis to coincide with the also weekly-updated menu. This is another reason why we like this restaurant so much.

So come along and can meet new people in Manchester with some professional yet warm service from the wonderful waiters and waitresses. Approaching the evening, it begins to liven up and it can get wonderfully busy for a weekday. You most begin to feel that you have cheated them by paying for a weekday menu yet seemingly getting the full-on weekend experience. You will undoubtedly be walking out ready to plan your next visit. And with some new Manchester socialising buddies to boot.