Winkle walking and social talking

Weekend walking in Winkle – try saying that 3 times if you can. Or you could simply join manchester walking groupour Manchester walking group this Sunday for an 8 mile walk in some fine countryside. Apparently, 8 miles is the popular length – it gives us enough time to stretch the legs, get some air into the lungs and get to know some new people along the way.

It may be cold and wet around about now and maybe even more than slightly muddy but then were not known for our climate. What we do have, however, is some stunning countryside so come and explore some with us. What else are you going to be doing? And if you’re thinking that the answer is recovering from a late Saturday night, there is no better way to do just that.

And there is also something further too look forward to as we will be feasting on a Sunday roast in a Wincle pub after the walk, simply known as The Ship Inn. And I’m sure we will also have one or two drinks to top it off with.

As always with our Manchester walking group, we offer car share for those of you who can’t make their own way there or are simply not in a fit state to drive. The meeting place will be at Tesco at Parrs Wood, East Didsbury.

Kit list: hat, gloves, warm clothes, waterproof jacket and trousers, walking trousers walking boots as may be slippy tea flask.

So let’s see you there but book your place now, we can’t take each and every one of you 🙂