Join us on a walking weekend at Breacon Beacons

Wales Walking in stunning Brecon Beacons manchester walking weekend in south wales

Spring is upon us and we would be fools to not try and take advantage of it so come and join us on a stunning Wales walking weekend in Beacon Brecons. If you like your surroundings green and tranquil and your activities fun and social, then this weekend will be the perfect antidote for the hustle and bustle of city life in Manchester.

We will arrive on Friday to a beer and hot food and will, of course, get to know one another. We will be enjoying a challenging walk on Saturday climbing the highest peak in the country South of the Snowdonia range, offering some stunning South Wales views. Sunday will see us relaxing with a typical Sunday fried breakfast and a leisurely look at the papers. We will then take a 6-8 mile walk before stopping off for something to eat and a drink or two. All whilst making some fantastic new Manchester friends.

If you have never set foot in Wales, you are in for a treat as this is the perfect introduction- not only to Wales but to our Manchester walking group. The area features waterfalls, castles, some amazing scenery and the people are friendly as they come.

You won’t even need to worry about making your way down there if you don’t drive as we offer car share from Didsbury. Oh, and it’s only £79. So you’ve no excuse not to secure your place now and get involved 🙂