What Will You Do This Year?

  1. Well we know what WE’RE doing.Rather than trying to break the habit of putting on more and more great events, we’ll be putting on…well, more and more great events.

    But what will YOU do this year?

    Will you try to get fit? Well, it’s a lot harder if you’re too busy staying in enjoying a tub of ice cream.

    You need to get out and about and meet some great new, like-minded people in the process.

    And of course, you can always take part in our Activities and Weekends Away which will further increase your fitness level whilst not losing any of the socialising factor.

    So don’t make this another year when your New Years Resolutions go flying out of the window.

    Look back over the last year and think what you could and would like to have done. And make 2010 the year when you DO IT!!