Merry Christmas from Social Circle

We hope the season’s goodwill and festivities are treating you well and that you’re enjoying the yuletide period. It’s a White Christmas and so there is no excuse for your garden not to have a snowman with all the trimmings :)

If you’ve only been to the odd event this year then make this the time when you promise yourself to get off your ass and get out there and meet some new people.

Sometimes at Christmas, we get into the spirit of things and are more in the frame of mind to meet new people and be active. Well, why not take that attitude and adopt it for the upcoming year.

Whether you want to meet like-minded professionals or would like to pursue some activities, even if it’s just one event on the calendar that takes your fancy, then book now. Don’t think about it. Like Nike say…just do it!

If you want to meet some new people, try the Didsbury Monthly Gathering or our Monthly Pub Crawl. If you want to try something a little more active, how about Jive Dancing, or even an adventure  holiday to Everest. Now, you can’t say we don’t spoil you for choice.