The top 10 restaurants in Manchester

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No matter your taste, you can rest assured it will be catered for (literally, in fact) by the numerous and diverse fine restaurants in Manchester. British, Thai, Italian…you name it, you will find its dishes served up by impressive chefs in elaborate surroundings.

Social Circle members have ventured into a number of these restaurants over these years and were only too happy to come forward when asked to give us their opinion on what they feel are the very best.

Social Circle voted 10/10 for…James Martin

James Martin’s restaurant, located in the brick and cast iron Victorian railway that also houses Manchester 235 Casino, boasts a superior design with an industrial practicality typical of the world’s first industrial city. Some may debate the location but what are widely agreed on are the chef’s signature offerings.

Social Circle voted 10/10 for…Michael Caines at Abode

The chef has been seen on TV on numerous occasions and anyone who has ever sampled his signature dishes at any of his UK-wide restaurants will know why. The restaurant at the Abode hotel features three menus: the a la carte, prestige tasting, and nine-course. Each of the menus sources from local produce to show off Caine’s unique style with an innovative take on modern European cooking.

Social Circle voted 9/10 for…The Northern Quarter Restaurant and Bar

While many of its neighbours may have grabbed more press over the years, this quiet Northern Quarter mainstay has been offering first-rate food in a friendly and serene environment for year after year. Taking its name from the area in which it resides, the restaurant and bar demonstrates many of the qualities possessed by the Northern Quarter itself. Much like the crowd that the venue attracts, it’s young, creative and with a minimalist, funky, and stylish feel.

Social Circle voted 9/10 for…The Grill on the Alley

Another venue aking its name from its location (an alley behind Deansgate), the close relative to Grill on New York Street is a stylish bar and restaurant that offers a menu as stunning as it is simple.

The contemporary décor, with its stunning interior and wooden tables, is pleasing to the eye. The venue also caters for those who are not in the mood to dine but wish to enjoy a fine selection of beers, fine wines, or fun cocktails.

Each night of the week features a live pianist to create a lively atmosphere. If atmosphere is what you crave, without sacrificing service or quality, you’ve found the right place.

Social Circle voted 9/10 for…Albert’s Shed

Not merely an interesting name with an equally fascinating origin story but among the city’s nicest places to eat. Serving up alfresco dining at its stunning Castlefield location, it also features an equally aesthetically stunning contemporary interior. If you like your standards high but formality low, this is the perfect venue.

The cuisine is a perfect blend of Italian and British with a menu not so large that quality suffers. There are no shortage of options available, however, with steak, salad, pizzas, fish, and pasta all available.

Social Circle voted 8/10 for…Australasia   top 10 manchester restaurants australasia

Australasia is one of Manchester’s few restaurants that serve Japanese, Indonesian, and South East Asian inspired dishes. Situated where Deansgate and Spinningfields meet, the posh entrance hints at a different world ‘down under’. It may be underground but its atmosphere is anything but dark.

Social Circle voted 8/10 for…San Carlo Cicchetti

Situated on the ground floor of one of the oldest department stores in Manchester (Kendals turned House of Fraser), the Italian restaurant rarely has a table spare. The atmosphere is electric with the Italian waiters rushing around table to table in a bid to please each and every customer, whether it be to present the specials of the day or to offer wine advice. The dishes may be small but they are packed with flavour.

Social Circle voted 8/10 for…Croma

The chilled out pizza restaurant maybe a favourite among families but it is also popular with younger crowds. The pizza toppings are imaginative, such as the Inglese, which is essentially a full English breakfast on pizza. They are also the right size and at the right price. The Croma martini is a favourite among those who prefer to add a little something extra to their meal.

Social Circle voted 8/10 for…Chaophraya

Chaophraya is one of the finest fine dining experiences Manchester has to offer. Its extensive selection of dishes include no shortage of vegetarian meals and specialities such as Chicken Pad Thai, along with fine wines, all served with a taste of fresh exotic flavours.

Thai cuisine has never tasted so good. And all within the confines of an electric atmosphere with staff catering to the customer’s every need.

Social Circle voted 8/10 for…Neighbourhood

Neighbourhood takes its influence from Manhattan’s unique neighbourhoods, both in terms of food and drink, and the chic, industrial décor. Also popular with morning and afternoon diners, the venue however, really comes into its own when serving evening dinner with some fine New York inspired cocktails.

With the diner style booths and images of New York adorning the walls, you will feel like you’ve just stepped into The Big Apple itself.
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