The top 10 bars in Manchester

Imanchesters best barst isn’t easy restricting Manchester’s best bars to 10. However, Social Circle members have been socialising and meeting new people in Manchester on our legendary nights out for years, so you could say they’re experts by now.

With possibly the liveliest and ‘buzziest’ nightlife in the country (and yes London, I’m including you), Manchester offers an eclectic and alluring charm, whether it be through a local serving such as a classic ale or cider to a stylish cocktail. Depending on your mood, you can be taken to the content or even further with a taste of New York City, Australia and even the Caribbean, all available in the wet city.

Social Circle were asked to name their favourite bars and came back with the following:

Social Circle voted 10/10 for…The Alchemist

This trendy Spinningfields cocktail bar with its contemporary design offers the perfect choice for either a Friday or Saturday night for for a few drinks after work. The atmosphere is busy and at weekends, even electric. It is far from being Manchester’s least expensive bar but it certainly adds the right ingredient to those who prefer their weekends stylish.

Social Circle voted 10/10 forThe Liar’s Club

A tiki bar hidden away between Deansgate and Spinningfields, its Caribbean theme is complete with perhaps the finest selection of rum in the city. It also serves some of the more unique cocktails with real pineapples and even comes with fire in pirate chests. Oh, and of course, no Caribbean theme would be complete without pine trees.

Social Circle voted 9/10 for…Lammars

Out of the way of the rest of the bars in the Northern Quarter, it has a unique look in that it carries over the features of textile factory it once was. Don’t let that fool you, however, it is as quirky as any of its NQ neighbours with its unique decorations in the form of its pop art and Eastern-influenced sculptures. Whether perching up for lunch or enjoying the 70’s and 80’s hits on a Friday or Saturday night, it’s hard not to have a great time here.

Social Circle voted for 9/10…The Milton Club

Not content with being among Manchester’s finest nightspots, it also ranks as one of the more exclusive. The private members club holds private parties at the weekends and serves up some of the finest cocktails around. So if you feel like getting dressed up at the weekend and enjoying classy and exotic tipples, treat yourself to a trip to The Milton Club.

Social Circle voted 9/10 for…Noho

Noho is a hidden gem that caters for all tastes. Its low lights and chesterfield couches, cityscape art, and graffiti makes it a perfect Northern Quarter venue. Of course, no amount of decoration can make up for poor drinks but that’s of no concern here; if you’re looking for amazing drinks, and cocktails especially, you won’t be disappointed.. The resident DJs serves up some fine house, soul, and funk to complete the stylish atmosphere. Whether you’re Indie or more on the Urban side, the venue’s eclectic style will ensure that your musical tastes are catered for.

Social Circle voted 8/10 for…Dukes 92

Situated on a canal, Dukes 92 offers one of the finest views of any bar in Manchester. Its terrace ranks among the most popular spots in the Summer. But no matter how relaxing it can be in the day, it can be equally as lively at night. It’s drinks include local ciders that quench the thirst built up when enjoying the Summer sun.

Social Circle voted 8/10 for…Cloud 23 manchester bars cloud 23

If you are looking for a classy and stylish experience coupled with some of the best views of the city, The Hilton Hotel’s Cloud 23 is the place to be. Your night begins with the lift clerk transporting you to the clouds (or better known as the 23rd floor- the name of the bar may have tipped you off) as you are given your first glimpse of the stunning views from this popular skybar. The cocktail list is every bit as impressive as the d├ęcor, with international beers to boot. There are few venues offering a social experience so pleasing to the senses.

Social Circle voted 8/10 for…Rain Bar

Located next to the canal and between Deansgate Locks and Oxford Road, it is often one of the first bars on a night out. The name comes from the umbrella factory that once occupied the very same spot and it showcases stylish photographs that support Manchester’s wet reputation. There is no shortage of seating available right by the canal but in the summer, it can fill up quickly, such as the ironic popularity here in the summer months.

Social Circle voted 8/10 for…Tribeca

Tribeca is situated in the Gay Village, close to Canal Street, and takes its name from a famous Manhattan bar. It takes on the appearance of the loft-style lounge bars found right in the heart of New York City. It’s music reflects the time of day with jazz giving off a chilled vibe in the day and more up-tempo tunes to create a livelier atmosphere at night. Downstairs, you will find the B.E.D. (Beverage, Entertainment and Dining) bar with real beds on the perimeter of the dance floor. Friday nights are especially popular with its half-price cocktail night.

Social Circle voted 8/10 for…Dry Bar

One of the few bars in the Northern Quarter that has remained popular since the early 90’s (in fact, it opened in 1989). It not only remains one of the most popular NQ venues, it also boasts a great reputation for live music at Dry Live, located in the basement. It has served up local heroes such as Liam Gallagher and Shaun Ryder and plays genres such as Soul, funk, 60s, 70s, and 80s electronica.
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