The forgotten art of real-world socialising

 meet new people in manchesterYou may enjoy sitting on your couch at home engaging with your friends (and even family) through social media (twitter, facebook, instagram) reflecting on the days when you used to go out and meet each other face-to-face.

But what are the effects of socialising 2.0 and are they positive or negative? Should your friends find out that you’ve cancelled a night out on Facebook or should your relatives see your baby photos for the first time on Instagram?

There are numerous benefits to be had from real-world socialising. It not only provides fun and enjoyment but that’s not all. It also helps to reduce stress throughout the day. It builds positive and worthwhile friendships not only with those you already know but with their friends also. It improves your mood, and as long as you meet the right friends, you will also receive encouragement when you need it and support when you really need it.

Being social also improves your personal development and growth. In some cases, it increases your self-esteem and confidence by getting rid of your shyness and improving your ability to work a crowd. By continually using you mind to and engaging with people, it improves your ability to function, mentally.

Promoting real-world socialising is what we do best at Social Circle as we facilitate social and platonic introductions in a group setting through social and fun events. From pub crawls and comedy night to indoor climbing and abseiling, we make it easy for people to meet others who enjoy doing the same things. Meet new people in Manchester, expand your social horizons and please, get the hell of Facebook for at least one night a week 🙂