The Dictator comes to Social Circle

Movie nights are popular for a reason. Firstly, there are very few people who things to do in manchester the dictatordon’t enjoy going to the movies. Secondly they, just sometimes, make us laugh and thirdly, they give us something to talk about after the movie to, in this case, our newly acquainted Manchester friends on our free Manchester cinema night.

Sacha Baron Cohen dons his latest guise as the tasteless yet hilarious Dictator which looks at all of he rules of political correctness and leaves them right at the door.

You will sit there in moments of definite discomfort when watching The Dictator, awaiting the next moment when you won’t be quite sure whether to laugh or cry.

One of best scenes will undoubtedly paint a wry smile on your face when The Dictator pronounces America as a dictatorship, without directly naming ‘The Land of the Free’, of course.

Cameos by Hollywood stars Ed Norton and Megan Fox take us by surprise but, of course, like the characters he has previously created, Cohen is always at the heart of the hilarity, this time working from a script as opposed to improvising with an unsuspecting public.

The Dictator will disturb, as well as delight you, but this is Sasha Baron Cohen after all and let’s face it, you would likely be amazed should those qualities not be qualities of one of his big screen offerings.

So come and be shocked, surprised and comforted by Social Circle and the new Manchester friends you will surely make here. If on a Wednesday night, you are looking for things to do in Manchester, look no further.