Summer Picnic in Heaton Park

At midday on 30th June we will be heading down to Heaton Park for a picnic in the open air. Join our friendly group and have some fun with us.

Bring along your sandwiches, pork pies and whatever else tickles your tastebuds on a relaxing day in one of Manchester’s more aesthetic landmarks.heaton
The park is not only a beautiful and vast space to stroll or run in, you can also stretch yourself out on the grass, and if a sunny day, we may just take a leisurely row on our boating lake.

The Animal Centre is open all year round and has a wide variety of Farm Animals to come and make friends with. As well as the usual animals,
you would find on a farm such as pigs goats and geese, there are some other very interesting animals that are waiting to meet you there too!

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