Strictly Come Dancing – A Manchester Event Near You

You probably watch it every week in the comfort of your own home but here


you have the chance to see the dancers, celebrities and all, live at the Manchester Evening News Arena. It must be proving popular as this is the fifth year when the show has been taken on the road. So come along and see the amazing costumes, the opinionated judges, and awesome dances. Celebrities include former soap stars Anita Dobson and Jason Donovan, and footballer, Robbie Savage. If you love dancing, if you love celebrities, and you love controversy, then this is the ideal event for you.

You’re bound to be among like-minded people and will have plenty to talk about afterwards should you wish to enjoy a post-event drink. There aren’t many opportunities, once a year in fact, to catch this show live and where you can make some great new friends to boot, so book your place now while you still can. If you’re usually hell bent on spending Saturday nights alone then this is a great event to start your Social Circle journey with as it will offer something very familiar. But you will probably find that you’re sick of being stuck in the box every weekend. So come and join us for a great night out next Tuesday and you can pretend that it’s Saturday night.