Starlight Express Lights up Manchester Events

One of the most loved, enduring and unique musicals in the history of theatre is here at The Lowry, presented by Everton FC owner, Bill Kenwright. The skating-based sensational musical, Starlight Express, written by none other than Andrew Lloyd Webber (who else) enters the stage with the kind of explosion you can expect from an updated ALW production. It is anticipated to take Britain by a full-scale storm and Social Circle will be making its way to see for ourselves just how electric this show really is. Social Circle likes to stay on top of all the best Manchester events out there.

The show is light years ahead of all others. The tale, set in the future, is based on concepts we can all understand; love and hope. It takes the wheel before taking you on the ride of your life with two full hours of pure spectacle, speed, energy and hyper-charged excitement, together with stunning costumes and sets, an electric soundtrack and some of the most adored hits by composer sir Andre Lloyd Webber. In addition, there is some first-rate choreography by television’s Arlene Phillips, a name you may recognise is you enjoy watching dance shows on the box.

Further, the entire show is performed on roller-skates and you will see all of the action take place right in front of you. There will also be some 3D film action, you just can’t get away from 3D these days 🙂 So we hope to see you there tomorrow tonight at one of the best Manchester events in town.