DeNiro Takes Centre Stage at Manchester Social Event

Cinema nights are consistently among our most popular Manchester social manchester social events red lightsevents and think we shall be watching newly released thriller, Red Lights. Any film that stars Robert De Niro offers an air of intrigue and especially when he is playing a suspected ham. It is clearly inspired by by The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan’s twisting and turning thrillers. Cillian Murphy and Sigourney Weaver play the psychic investigators with the smug attitude who look for something otherworldly on their stakeouts. De Niro plays the role of Simon Silver who is a a famous spoon-bender, a la Uri Geller, as well as the godfather of the target of the investigating duo. It is heavy on dialogue, which may not sit well with Paranormal Activity fans.

Elizabeth Olsen adopts he usual love-interest part and Craig Roberts from submarine assumes a dodgy American accent, playing the part of one of Murphy’s protégées. Director Cortes, however, obviously has a talent when it comes to engineering effective, sharp jolts and broader funhosue business of an insidious nature. He cleverly utilised Mungo Jerry in the type of intelligent popcorn pulp that you are sure to enjoy. So come and join us in one of those Manchester social events that will either leave you feeling glad you came on a night out to meet some new people and enjoy a new movie or leave you wondering what the twist was all about at the end, in which case, you will have plenty of new Manchester friends to bug about on that score 🙂