Sounds From The Other City

If you appreciate musical diversity, you may be excited about Sounds From The Manchester Events - Sounds From The Other CityOther City tomorrow where the festival, which will take place in 14 venues in Salford, will showcase a mere sample of the diverse music scene in Manchester. This is one Manchester event which will satisfy all music fans.

Plenty of acts, now firmly established, such as the Ting Tings, the Diamonds, and Marina have performed at the festival in recent years.

Mark Carlin co-founded the event with brother Maurice to provide a stage for the finest independent promoters in all of the land to present new music excitement from Manchester and further.

Every promoter is given a stage at one of the venues to curate which ensures that the festival lives up to its name with a diverse range of acts catering to all tastes.

The brothers were in awe of the numerous under-utilised venues which have now playt a key role in the set up of the festival.

The venues for 2013 include the Old Pint Pot, the Crescent, the King’s Arms, the Angel Centre, and Islington Mill.

There will even be performances at churches, Sacred Trinity and St. Philips.

Despite rapid expansion since its inception in 2005 Mark says the festival still aims for a small and intimate feel with around 1500 people expected to attend.

Although the festival has expanded rapidly since its formation in 2005, Mark believes that the goal of the festival is to create a small and intimate atmosphere with approximately 1,500 expected in attendance.