Happy Mondays Mancunian Homecoming

Well, this is one true Manchester event with one true Manchester band. The Manchester friends welcome Happy MondaysHappy Mondays are back and are ready to perform in a style that only they are accustomed to. The group, who were established in the early 90s played an important role in the rave culture in Manchester and now they are back. This is their first tour in a long, long time and Happy Mondays fans can’t stop talking about it. The original line-up will be performing for the fist time since 1992, in fact. Added to that will be fellow group from Madchester, Inspiral Carpets.

The band thoroughly deserve their place in Rock ‘n’ Roll history, if only for the fact that they are still out there performing. They are one of the very finest bands to emerge out of the early 90s Madchester music scene. The leaders are undoubtedly Shaun Ryder and Bez and on the heels of their comeback tour will be their highly anticipated new album, to be released some time during 2013.

The band were originally discovered by Manchester music legend Tony Wilson. He saw them play at a battle of the bands contest which took place at Wilson’s Hacienda nightclub. Legend has it that Wilson signed him to Factory Records despite the fact that they ranked last in the competition. Their d├ębut album, Squirrel and G-Man Twenty Four Hour Party People Plastic Face Carnt Smile (White Out), was released in 1987.

So come along and meet some true Manchester friends and celebrate Mancunian heritage with one of the most Mancunian acts of them all. Two in fact.