Some great ideas on how to make new Manchester friends

If you’re struggling to make new Manchester friends, the gentleman in the video shares some useful tips. Of course, he doesn’t facilitate a way for you to meet people but there are a few interesting points, nevertheless.

To summarise, he advises:

1. Spend time around people – if you isolate yourself, you can’t make new friends. Be social like going to a sporting event, visiting a coffee shop, go to a bar.
2. Join a club, group, or organization – you’ll meet like-minded people
3. Volunteer – do something good for the community while building a bond and camaraderie with those around you
4. Start conversations – talk to everybody! Sometimes the conversations will stick, thus a friendship is started.
5. Small talk – Small Talk Skills
6. Reintroduce yourself at the end of a conversation – get that name to stick!
7. Accept every invitation
8. Ask other people to do things – push yourself outside of your comfort zone and ask others to do things like lunch, coffee, drink, see a concert
9. Keep your friend – be a good friend by listening, being loyal, being trustworthy, being reliable, being yourself

All good ideas. But starting a conversation and stepping outside of your comfort zone are great if you have opportunities around you that enable you to that. No. 2 is great because it enables you to meet numerous people. But specialist groups tend to be very small and not everyone is there to meet people but just to enjoy a certain activity. You don’t want to be in a situation where you’re limited to the friends you can make because the activity you’re involved in involves only a few people.

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