Social Circle Goes Corporate

Social Circle will, of course, always aim to please you guys who attend our events, members or otherwise. But we feel that we are now at the stage where we can offer a similar service to companies who, in many cases, have an annual fun day themselves and find it very time consuming. We ran our first corporate event back in August for a company and in that very same situation and they certainly felt that it reaped the rewards.

With a group size of 25 and held at Revolution, Deansgate, we divided the day into two parts, with the first being full of fun challenges such as a cocktail race and just pure fun such as karaoke. The second part of the day, held in the evening, saw us visit a selection of bars in the evening, allowing the staff to let their hair down. And the managers certainly did a little of that too.

We aren’t too formal but aren’t too informal either. So why don’t you contact us at and see what we can do for you.