Great Didsbury Wine Night Now On A Friday

The Didsbury Wine Night has always proved to be popular but the one improvement which has been suggested to us on numerous occasions is moving it to a Friday (for obvious reasons). Finding a venue in Didsbury for a Friday or a Saturday night is not the easiest of tasks but we have found one and a superb one at that in the form of The Didsbury. So for those of you who say that you can’t make it because you have work the next day and don’t want to turn up with a hangover, you no longer have an excuse to not attend the greatest wine night in town.

Whether you wish to learn about or improve your knowledge of wine, or just meet some new folk, this is the perfect night to do just that. It’s also a great night to attend if you’ve never been on a Social Circle event before. The social events are always the easiest to start with and there are few nights as social as this one.

So come along, learn a little get social and enjoy all the night has to offer including eight quality wines, nibbles, chocolate and entertainment.