One of many great things to do in Manchester – Wine Tasting

Our wine tasting events are among our most popular, not just for obvious reasons, but they tend to be among our more social and more fun. Enjoy some wine education from our expert in a friendly, informal, and informative style. He will engage you with his passion for wine and pass on knowledge no matter what your level.

You’ll get a sense of how it feels to be able to just get the aura of a glass of wine and know how the wine was made, where it originated, and whether or not you should be drinking it now or leaving it to mature for a while. You will also feel more confident when buying wine from a shop or ordering it in a restaurant. The techniques you will learn will give you that sense of confidence.

However, as it is a Social Circle event, the focus will be mainly on fun, of course. You’ll team up with some fellow Social Circlers, allowing you to get to know each other and join forces against the other teams.

So if you enjoy sipping, and even better, drinking wine, book your place quickly on one of our more popular events this Friday, whilst you still can.