MiltaryFit cross-fitness training class in Manchester

On 27th March at 7pm we welcome you to another  members free fitness event in Manchester saving all our members that attend £15 each!

This time we are providing our Social Circle members with a free MiltaryFit cross-fitness training class taking place at Winton Park, Salford.
Your fully qualified fitness instructor, James will personally welcome you and explain everything.

The nature of MilitaryFit is that it is all about team endeavour and it is geared towards pulling people together as individuals to form a team.
A team that helps each of its’ members through the fitness class jointly as a group challenge.

This bootcamp style military fitness session is run by professional ex-army instructors who have trained recruits. The session promotes positive motivation
and great fitness levels as a first priority along with a big sense of self worth for those who are taking part.

This form of fitness is known as BioticFit and is aimed at all abilities, promoting fun and social ways of getting fit in the fitness community
and ensuring muscle confusion by making sure no class is ever the same twice! This keeps you progressing and keeps you having fun and staying motivated!

For more information and to book this event click on the link below