FREE WobbleYou Fitness Session


This is the perfect fitness session for anyone who dislikes gyms OR who wants to try a great new fitness craze which is currently taking off everywhere.

For our Social Circle Members this is absolutely FREE saving you £6.50

Do you hate the gym? Have little time (or inclination) to exercise yet still want a fast and easy way to look good and stay in shape? This is your anser!!

WobbleYou Fitness Sessions take place at the only studio in Greater Manchester dedicated to the use of technology known as ‘FLABéLOS’; our word which is best describing a ‘whole body vibration workout’.

FLABéLOS provides the benefits of a a whole one hour gym session and in only a 10 minute ‘wobble’ – no strain there then!

In fact the most strenuous thing you could do is take off your shoes how fab is that?!
Benefits of regular ‘wobbling’ include inch loss & toning, reduced cellulite, minimised lower back pain, improved circulation, increased metabolism and anti-aging effects.

Wobbleyou is presented by a friendly bunch who want to nothing more than you to achieve your health and fitness aspirations in a sociable and relaxed environment.

Can be used at any time during the week.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 7am-7pm
Sat-Sun 10-5pm