Meet some new llamas at Social Circle :)

It’s nice to be social and meet new people over a drink or two or a meal and manchester activity llama trekkingcertainly, many of you enjoy a walk or adventure activities such abseiling or coasteering. But what about something so unique that we will probably be smiling about it for weeks afterwards. Llama trekking is one such Manchester activity you can enjoy with Social Circle.

In South Africa’s highest parts, you will find the wonderful creates known as llamas. They are known in that part of the world as ‘Truck of the Andes because of they ability to cover longs distances whilst carrying loads, on foot. Fortunately, for us in the IK, there is a great opportunity to enjoy llama trekking right here in England. It is one of the most unique ways that you can enjoy being active, go walking and experience some of the stunning scenery and countryside as well as take in that fresh air and say goodbye to those cobwebs that have been hounding you.

Llamas are among some of the finer field pets. This is based n their hardiness. They also make good companions for animals who are in need of a friend, ponies for example. Further, they are being used more and more for trekking as well as guarding further stock such as sheep, as they are very protective.

So come and join us on this Manchester activity with a difference. And enjoy a day with some new Manchester friends that you will surely remember for a long, long time.