Manchester’s Favourite Soap Gets a Musical Makeover

The most successful soap opera in the country is set to take centre stage this Manchester event Street of Dreams Coronation Street The MusicalThursday at the Manchester Arena with a unique combination of the familiar theme tune performed by Russell Watson, narration by Paul O’Grady and appearances by past and present cast members, including the iconic Julie Goodyear and the longest-serving cast member of them all, William Roache. This is a show that may be performed across the country but when you consider the subject, it is truly a Manchester event.

Millions of fans sit in front of the television each week to see their favourite characters in conflict, strife and even death. Add in a dose of comedy to all that drama and you understand just why we have been addicted so long to this Manchester institution.

So it could be considered a surprising move by ITV to hire dancing girls and all in order to transform the popular soap into a full-blown musical spectacle that has been compared by its creator to Moulin Rouge.

But that is exactly what they have done with a set that is to recreate the famous street with flamboyant frocks and musical numbers including titles such as ‘ Nowt A Bit Of Lippy Couldn’t Solve’ and ‘ Eh Chuck’.

Past members to return include Brian Capron who played evil killer, Richard Hillman, and Kevin Kennedy who played series regular, Norman ‘Curly’ Watts. Katy Cavanagh will take on the role of an ‘Angel of the North’ character as the show shows us glimpses of its 51-year-old history.

Executive producer Kieran Roberts is hopeful that the idea will be popular with soap fans in he kind of numbers that are capable of filling arenas in Newcastle, Belfast, Dublin and Manchester. If it is well received, it may move on to further cities, a Manchester event or not.