Manchester Restaurants with some fantastic offers!

manchester restaurantsAnd here is one which we will be taking advantage of tomorrow night with Social Circle: 

Weekday Evening Special – 3 Courses NOW ONLY £15 (Was £25)

The menu includes options from every single Japanese region. Going back to the early 90s, Japanese food wasn’t easy to come by and when it could be found, it remained uneasy to obtain due to the price tag. Samsi had a plan to make it’s dishes authentic but also wanted it to be fit for the taste buds of your average Brit. Sushi aficionados initially scoffed at smoked salmon sushi but they did originally serve them close to 20 years ago. The venue does cater well for sushu gurus, however, although that is only a small portion (excuse the pun) of the menu.

Thanks to the Japanese yen weak ingredients brought to this country as well as the more attractive price tag of imported ingredients, Samsi prices have remained the same for the two decades that it has been with us, which makes the overall experience, fantastic value. When you throw the three course offer into the mix, it makes the venue even harder to resist.

So come and join us exploring some of the best Manchester restaurants around, this month landing in Japan for an amazing offer. With three courses, you will likely have your appetite filled and with the fantastic new people you will meet, your thirst for socialising should be well and truly quenched as well.