Glenn turned himself in last week and Adams Kinard was arrested

Delbert Belton (Photo courtesy of Belton friends)Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub, at a news conference Monday that was streamed live online, said suspects Demetrius Glenn and Kenan Adams Kinard, both 16, have been charged with first degree murder and first degree robbery.Glenn turned himself in last week and Adams Kinard was arrested early Monday morning.”Today, I would like to assure our community that the two individuals we believe were responsible for the robbery and murder of Mr. Belton have been taken into custody,” Straub said.Both teens will be charged as adults, according to Lenna England, secretary for the gang unit of the Spokane County prosecuting attorney’s office, which is handling the case.Each was being held in lieu of $2 million bail, England told the Los Angeles Times.At the news conference cheap jordans, Straub urged Spokane and other cities across the country to support what he called “a very troubled group of young people.””One of these individuals was pretty much a standout basketball player and because nobody wrapped their arms around him cheap jordans, nobody cared enough about him, he’s now going to face murder and robbery charges,” Straub said. “And, probably, he’s looking at the rest of his life being significantly affected if not destroyed by this.”Three other juveniles were arrested in connection with Adams Kinard, who went into hiding after Wednesday attack on Belton.

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By Stephen Sutherland

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