Gangs of Manchester Tour – Sunday 10th March 2013

Gangs of Manchester is one of the most popular best-selling books covering subject matter of this ilk.

Manchester Guided Tours spurned a newly themed tour of the city 3 years ago following the heady high number of book sales of Andrew Davies’ Gangs of Manchester –
a sell out as soon as it hit the shelves in 2008.

As a visitor or resident of Manchester with an interest in the city’s history, development and lesser known criminal underworld and gangland antics Gangs of Manchester is probably one of the
best books you will read! Full of astonishing facts that surround Manchester’s criminal underworld dating back several decades.

Needless to say, there is no need to have read this book to enjoy this very engaging tour !

Gangs of Manchester is now one of the most popular Walking Tours offered via Social Circle and is FREE to ALL our members. This means saving £7 and enjoying a professional, fully guided historical tour of Manchester and its criminal history – its an extremely fascinating walk and you’ll be engrossed from the second the tour starts – personally, I didn’t want the tour to finish because I couldn’t get enough – there’s so much to know!

Since 2010 Emma Fox has been leading the regular Gangs of Manchester walks via Manchester Guided Tours. Emma has been an experienced Manchester tour guide and local historian for many years.

This engaging tour begins inside Barton Arcade, (between St Ann’s Square / Deansgate) lasting approximately one hour and 30 minutes ending at the Marble Arch pub which is where Andrew Davies’ personally signed books are available for purchasing (should you choose).

Feedback from this tour has been incredible, not just from our Social Circle members but also those feeding back to Manchester Guided Tours and Emma herself.

On Sunday 10th March 2013 at 12.45pm Social Circle will be taking our group to enjoy this amazing tour. Join us now!

To book FREE as a member of Social Circle saving yourself £7 :